Duda Community webinar this Thursday!

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Hey Duda pros, thanks so much to everyone who replied to my last thread asking if you offer social media services to your clients. 🙏

I learned from your feedback that many of you are hesitant to add social media to your scope, for a number of very good reasons. 

However, if you are at all interested in adding social media to your list of client services, you definitely want to check out this special Duda Community webinar we're doing with  @Ruan_Marinho and @evan_bumbera of Develomark. 

These smart dudes have come up with a brilliant process to streamline and integrate social media into their website management services, making it easy for their clients to submit their own content, and ensuring that their clients remain active participants in owning/growing their social channels.

Evan and Ruan are going to break down the system they put in place, step by step. And lemme tell you, the secret sauce they have is one you're gonna want to add to your recipe book.

It all goes down this Thursday, March 31st at 10am PT.

Join us - save your spot here.

Hope to see you there! 😎


  • Robert_Tickner
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    Thanks @DudaKim just rewatched the - 'One does not simply "go viral”: How to manage your clients’ social media with Duda' (nobody getting me outta bed at 3am here in Australia!). So good @Ruan_Marinho + @evan_bumbera could be so open about their behind the scene practices, and some great tips for my small business to streamline certain tasks.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Koo_Janzen
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    Thanks @DudaKim, just watched the video and am excited to try this out. I have used dynamic pages with internal collections but am completely new to Airtable. Can you or @Ruan_Marinho or @evan_bumbera maybe tell me what plan I would need at minimum with Airtable to make this work?

  • community_manager
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    @Elizabeth_Fedak uses Airtable regularly (and has published some incredible tutorials) and might be able to share more details on requirements depending on what you're trying to achieve.

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Sorry I didn't reply sooner @Koo_Janzen ! I was on a vacation 🏝 AFAIK you need an "Agency" plan to have access to Airtable as an external collection. LMK if you have any questions on using it!!! I LOVE using Airtable for collections!!!! Send me a message if you want to see anything on the configuration side of a site for usage w/ Airtable or a widget.