How many people use Kliken?


What are your thoughts on it? Is it worth checking out or is there a better alternative to manage paid search?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated :)


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  • Koo_Janzen
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    Not a great experience. I set up a campaign using their app for my own (web design) business and while I fully accept my budget may have been too small or my area to narrow, the only impression I got from the app is that something wasn't right.

    I reached out to support and that is when it all fell down. I waited weeks for some sort of reply and nothing came. Only when Duda got involved did I eventually get an answer but rather than looking into what the problem was, they just offered me a refund. I explained that wasn't helpful as I was trying to learn from my experience so that I could have the confidence to sell this service to my customers.

    No further reply. Got my money back.

    I replied with the same comments to a post on our FB group and instantly, the MD of Kliken came on the comments and promised he would help me out if I emailed him direct.

    This I did, and my email was immediately passed over to the same support agent I dealt with originally. Again, I waited weeks with nothing and then all of a sudden I get an automated Zendesk message expressing the hope that I was happy with the service provided and that they were closing the ticket now...

    I have given up now...


  • Aj_Cre8
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    I have heard mixed reviews and because of that, it's not something we have messed with.

  • OllieBlackmore
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences - such a shame it doesn't work that well and we really can't trust the support if that is whats happened.

    Onwards to a better solution, we will scratch Kliken for now.