Dynamic Content - Exclusion of current content from listing

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How do I exclude the current dataset of the current page I am on, from now loading i an second dynamic content data set?

For example, I have a team page that has the person's content (Headshot, Bio, Title, Description). Then other team members are listed at the bottom of the page in a team gallery. I created a new gallery below Then I connected the image gallery to the dynamic content. Now I do not want to display the existing person in the gallery because I am already on that page. So how do I now exclude that data from the data set to display the images in the gallery of only the remaining data collection items?

I.e. I want the rest of the team members but not this person of the page I am already on. How do I exclude that person of the existing page?

I hope that makes sense


  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Unfortunately, I don't think that's possible with the built-in options, but it's very possible with a custom widget if you use custom code (I actually built that exact scenario already). I just asked that person if I can share a link to their site.

    I do believe Duda is releasing a feature very soon to at least let you filter to only show the team though by connecting to a second field, but not yet to exclude the current person (Tal Levi would it do both??) Depending on Tal's answer, I recommend adding a feature request to the Idea Board for that use case!

    If you know how to write advanced JavaScript (advanced JS as it requires a lot of JS logic, so no hack and slash), then I'd be happy to help you get started if you try to DIY a custom widget if you haven't used the widget builder before. Alternatively, you can reach out to Duda Experts if you need hired help to create a custom widget.