Intro Post!

Elizabeth_Fedak Member Posts: 106 MVP

Hi everyone! My name is Liz and I'm so glad to finally be in the official Duda community. :-) I've been in love with Duda since I found out about it in 2019 and do a lot of work on widgets, training, and other services that help out other Duda agencies. Two of my favorite things about the platform are how easy it is to add custom code in via custom widgets and the new flex mode! My site is still under construction until Dec 15, but you can learn more about my agency here 👉

When I'm not working on Duda things, I also write Javascript training articles for other blogs and platforms like Codecademy 👩‍💻. If you ever want to nerd out about JS or anything technical in Duda, give me shout! I've written some fun articles here if you are also a JS nerd:

I'm based out of Nederland, CO out in the woods/mountains and spend a lot of time hiking, hanging out with my husband, dog, and cat, writing non-fiction and fiction, and doing small DIY renovation projects in my house.