Margin and padding bug

Kjell Morten_Håland
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Hello. In recent weeks we have had problems with padding and margin for all our websites in the Duda editor. When we try to enter a new padding, it automatically resets to 0, we must then delete the value 0 and then re-enter the desired value. We have to do this for all margins and padding of all elements / widgets which is very frustrating and setting up new websites takes a long time. We have also in recent months experienced more and more bugs / glitches, have noticed that several users have pointed this out in the Duda Facebook group. Is this something that is being worked on to get fixed?



  • Aj_Cre8
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    You aren't the only one. @Sheyla do we know if support is aware of this issue yet??

  • SamCarts
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    This just started happening to me last week. Incredibly annoying and hard to manage. 1 additional extra 'type' (one value that's deleted, then whatever value you actually want to input) isn't too much more to ask, but it definitely adds up after time and sometimes I don't realize the difference between the deleted and desired values if I'm working fast to meet a deadline.

    Screen recording:

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    @Kjell Morten_Håland adding the 'Bug' tag to your post so that this post goes to the right team!

    We'll circle back if there are any updates.

    @SamCarts thank you for providing additional details and that Loom video!

  • SamCarts
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    @Sheyla awesome, I'm glad I could provide some insight! Feel free to contact me with any additional questions. Thanks for tagging the post so it goes to the right place!

  • Cynthia
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    Hi Duda Pros! Thanks for your patience while our engineering team worked on a fix for this issue. Good news! I just heard back that this issue is now fixed. You should be able to see this live in your account now. Of course, if this is not the case or if you have any other issues I can help you with, please let me know!

  • Hi Cynthia. Just tested and padding is working great again. Thanks :-)