Monthly Community Digest - March '22 Edition

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Hello and Happy Spring! 🌸

It's the middle 😬 of a new month, which means it's time for our Community Monthly Digest. At the end of every month, we'll share a digest of interesting posts, new League members, important updates, and anything you might have missed (but shouldn't have!) over the course of the month. So without further ado, let's dive in!

📣 Announcements

New Post Notifications

Customize your notifications to stay up to date with new posts in Duda Community! Click on the notification bell within the category you want to follow.

Join the Client Billing Beta

Client Billing allows you to charge your clients (either one-time fees, or ongoing subscriptions) not only for Duda sites but also for any other services you provide. Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar all about Client Billing.

🏅 New Badges

By popular demand, the Duda Certified Platform Professional and Duda Certified Platform Specialist badges are now available! Claim your badges and 500 points by clicking the links above. 

🖥 Product Updates

Duda Experts Now Live: Contact an Expert Today!

Duda Experts are certified, Duda-endorsed partners you can contact through our Expert directory for help on your project.

New European servers for Live Websites

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve website experience, speed, and Core Web Vitals scores, Duda now has a set of servers that deliver Duda websites from servers based in Europe.

DudaFlex Improvement: Drag & Drop Widgets From the Left Panel to Flex Mode

Editing both classic and Flex sections is smoother now. You can drag and drop widgets from the left panel directly to a Flex section.

New Blank Category Packed With 10 Blank Sections!

Introducing Our New Blank Category Packed With 10 Classic and Flex Blank Sections!

New Tax ID Fields for Brazil and Italy: Now in New Stores

Merchants in Italy and Brazil can now ask customers to enter their additional tax-related information (individual tax codes or business VAT IDs), when placing orders.

Dynamic Dropdown

A new content dropdown field type is now available in the widget builder. Now you can dynamically populate a dropdown field in a custom widget with values from an external source.

💬 What’s the community talking about?

  1. Show Off and 💪 with your Duda Design Skills
  2. Security of files within Membership App
  3. Why Is My Widget Not Being Adding to My Site When Selected?
  4. Question of the Week: How do you quote for Google Ads marketing i.e. campaign?
  5. Hello everyone, anyone knows which widget they use in order to get same page with different cities?

🎳 The League

Congratulations to @Sharon_Keevins , our newest League member!

Welcome to the League! You are now officially a Learner. Here are some rewards you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive badge
  • Shape upcoming features by participating in usability labs
  • Dedicated training sessions with Duda staff and industry leaders
  • Apply to be featured in the Community Showcase
  • Exclusive networking opportunities

Don't know about the League? Read all about our community reward program here.