Question of the Week: What Questions Do You Ask Prospects or Existing Clients?

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This Week, @DudaKim asked:

“What's a question that you always make sure to ask your clients before/after signing on with them? OR... What's a question that you'll ask your clients to check in with them long after you've established a relationship?”

Here's what the community had to say:


I do 4 whole one hour meetings just asking them questions before money even exchanges hands. But once they pay I ask no more questions and lead. Here are some:

What are you known for later I ask what they want to be known for. I’m looking for someone with a growth mindset. If you had a bumper sticker what would it say, always catches them off guard. And I always crack a joke in the qualification call to make sure they have a sense of humor. Then I use what they said and ship them a mug before the discovery sessions are over. It's awesome!


One Question? (Before) Dear Harry or Harriet Customer it's been a great call/meeting/beer Can I just ask you is there anything you need to know that I have not covered that would stop us from moving forward today? After? No More questions your Honour the defense rests!

Anthony K

Is this check going to clear ok?


What info would you like to know about us? We have dove into you and your business and a great partnership needs to be a two way street. What can we answer for you?

Similar to @Shane_Hodge's question, just worded differently. I found that clients are more likely to jump in with both feet if you make them feel comfortable! We also ensure they know the entire aspect of the Terms they are going to sign (a walk through).


My question: In a year from now, if we work together, what do you hope will happen, or what result do you hope we’ll achieve, to make it a great year for you?


What and for who is your website?


Please list 3 websites from competitors that you like/dislike and how can we can help your site to be better. Sounds like a strange question BUT there is so much information that question brings to the table.

What questions would you ask? Tell us in the comments below!