From WordPress to Duda?

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I host my own personal website with WordPress. It's been a few years and I'm no expert. I'm looking for an alternative where I don't always have to maintain my site etc.... I tried squarespace for a while but felt it wasn't a good fit for me.

My site is very simple. I use the castos podcasting service for my radio shows. WordPress has an excellent plugin but I can also use the castos site as an alternative if I decide to move from WordPress.

What I would like is to hear from people who have switched from WordPress to Duda or from Duda users who might want to convince me and offer bthere opinions on why I should switch.

I use css and html for part of my home page and mainly a tabs widget in WordPress to allow quick access to my previous episodes. I am always willing to change so that's not an issue for me. My shows go all the way back to 1988.

Looking forward to your replies, suggestions etc..

My site is not polished but rather, functional.

Take care and thanks!!!! 😀




  • The Duda Team
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    Hi @rmcellig 👋

    Thanks for starting this discussion - it's an important one! I'm tagging a few community members who are well versed in this area and might be able to answer your questions in depth 😊

    @nat_rosasco @Aj_Pfeil @Shane_Hodge @Eva_Pettifor @Adam_Wills @Peter_Jones @Ruan_Marinho

    We also have a great Duda vs Wordpress comparison page.

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    Hey @rmcellig. Welcome to the wonderful world of Duda! You will find that this place is really awesome. First lets start off with GOOD ON YOU for jumping from WordPress to Duda. Its takes a lot of guts to move from something your familiar with to something you are not. Duda will increase your sites Core Vitals, Page Speeds and your overall experience with a CMS (content management system) will be a lot better.

    As far as Experience goes switching from WordPress to Duda you will be extremely happy. The biggest thing for us is the security. We do not rely on 3rd party plugins that can break your site if something happens like a PHP update that your plugin isn't compatible with. A lot of folks will tell you WordPress is too powerful to leave behind, and in some cases you may find that a viable argument. We have found that there is very little that can be done within WordPress that can't be done within Duda.

    Take advantage of the Experts Page to request help, custom widgets, site designs, migrations and ANYTHING ELSE you may need. You may not want to rebuild this site yourself, reach out to someone to help you.

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    @rmcellig there is an RSS widget that will allow you to embed your podcast's RSS feed. It's fairly basic, non-graphical, but will auto-update based on your RSS feed changes (new episode releases).

    Also, there is an HTML widget where you could embed one episode at a time (or perhaps multiple) into specific pages, sections, etc. I have done both for another podcast website on Duda.

    It looks like Castos offers an iframe embed option so Duda should easily support this via the HTML widget. Info here:

    Happy to answer any additional questions you may have. I can also send you a couple of examples if you want to direct message me.

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    Hey @rmcellig, I know exactly where you're coming from, I was what I would call a "WordPress purest" for many years. I started using WP when it first came out in the early 2000's and was convinced that there could never be anything better than WP. But....

    As a growing web agency I was getting awfully tired of all the hours that went into the maintenance of just keeping a WP site running smoothly on a month to month basis. That's when I found Duda about 3 years ago and haven't looked back. Now, my agency turns down WP projects and we're only a couple sites away from not having a single WP site left.

    My point? Switch to Duda and don't look back. You won't regret it. Sure, there'll be a learning curve and there'll be some things you've been used to doing in WP that won't be quite the same in Duda, but you'll appreciate not having to constantly fix your website.

    As for the question about your podcast? We've been building podcast sites using Airtable and connecting it to the site as a dynamic collection. Go to to see my own podcast site as an example. The dynamic collections are pretty flexible.

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    Thanks for your reply!! Your podcast site is excellent! Very clean looking. Well done!!!I'

    m having second thoughts about Duda. I'm not an agency.just a person with a simple website so I'm thinking of maybe blogger or carrd instead is all I need. Duda, like WordPress may be overkill for me. The cost for me is pretty high. I do like the features Duda offers and I can see where it would be ideal for agencies.

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    It may be beneficial for you to link up with one of the agencies that uses Duda and they can help you with your website.

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    Be sure to also check out this post "Duda vs Wordpress" which may help:

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    I am in my free trial, i have 5 days left, and am considering moving my site here. I am really excited by the platform but I am wondering what the limitations are. Can you host a blog here? I thought space was unlimited but now I am hearing about 1000 page maximum, including blogs and I have to host my email somewhere else which seems really weird to me.

    What else do I need to know before I pull the plug on my wordpress site and move to DuDa? What was your biggest adjustment? How often does an update mess up your site?

    Any info would be really helpful. This is a big decision for me and it’s not easily made.

  • The Duda Team
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    Dynamic pages are your ally when it comes to blogs!

    Here's a really comprehensive comparison if you're curious.

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    I agree with Aj. Working with one of the agencies might be the perfect fit for you.