How to label Contact Form Content widgets post-publishing?

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When I'm finishing a website I go through the entire site to optimize and double-check that certain settings are in place throughout the entire site (e.g. alt tags, spacing on uniform elements, border thickness, etc...)

I also go through all of the Contact Form Content widgets and make sure that the "CONTENT">"SUBMISSION">"Submission recipients">"Email subject" field in the Content Editor is labeled in such a way that my client will be able to tell which page of the website the submission came from when they receive the email, in the hope that they'll more accurately be able to interpret and respond in a pertinent manner.

Once the website has been published for a few weeks or months, my focus shifts toward performance and lead quality. I always have Search Console and Analytics set up, but I frequently use Duda Stats as an easy, straightforward resource.

When I go to the Duda Sites Dashboard, scroll to the website in question, hover on the expandable menu (three dots), and then select "Form Responses", I can see the form responses for different forms, but there are a few issues. I don't use the "Titles" on the Contact Form Content widget because I don't like the way that the text is spaced and how it shrinks when wider than the form. Because I disable the "Titles" on the widgets, I generally don't bother differentiating the different forms to identify which page the widget is located on. This means that I have to guess which page the form came from by looking at the content which is totally hit-or-miss.

Also, I don't seem to be able to scroll down to select more than ~4 of the forms.

I've had some success in the past going through all of the contact forms, re-enabling the Contact Form Content "Titles", typing in a distinguishable title to tell the forms/pages apart, republishing, re-disabling (hiding) the form titles again, and then republishing again to be able to see the different forms in the Site Overview Form Responses. Lately, though, this hasn't worked.

I realize a simple way to keep track of the different form submissions would be to use any of the existing integrations with the widget, but getting a client set up with and regularly using and maintaining a third-party tool is akin to herding cats.

Example screen share that may provide additional context:


Does anyone else have this conundrum? Does the Duda Form Submissions show more submissions information than that for 4 total forms? Does the name of the form update only if the title is live, or at all from the original-to-initial-publish name?

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