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Lonny Member Posts: 9

I see there's a 1000 page limit to the Duda platform. So what happens if I have a client that exceeds this limit in a few years on their blog? Completely move them to another platform? This limit seems ridiculous.


  • Paul_Lancieri
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    Why, when you can have an "Archive" link and archive? I am sure one of our DUDA Experts can help.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    Info per the 1000 page limit:

    It's important to note that dynamic pages do not count in the overall page aggregate metric so perhaps you can leverage them where it makes sense. These can help greatly for location pages, bios, services, etc. The truth is, if it's blogs that you think will push your client's site over the page count edge, content has shifted to be more quality focused vs quantity focused. It may be best to archive, retire, unpublish, or remove poor performing blogs and revise, rewrite, or enhance articles that have potential. I'm not saying the page limit can't negatively impact you or your customer but I do suspect it's not common.

    In fact, I'd love to see some comments below from anyone who has run into the page limit. If you did, how did you respond or what action did you take to work around this? I've built sites into the low hundreds of pages thus far but even those have been a minority. Good question @Lonny!

  • Aj_Cre8
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    Going to agree with @Thomas_Connery on this one. If your site is housing over 1k blog post, it may be time to remove/archive older ones to make way for FRESH NEW CONTENT!

  • Lonny
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    Sites like Android Authority, Lifehacker, Apartment Therapy, and many many others have thousands of posts. I guess Duda just isn't there yet.

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Do multi-language pages count toward the 100 pages??

    If so, my tri-lingual sites are limited to 333 pages, then (still a lot, but would be good to know anyhow).