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    Wow, so many different ways to answer this, and thanks @Bruce_McCaughan for the tag!! I will be sure to get ya..LOL.

    I feel the same way and a very nostalgic question, but you asked, so here we go! Oh, and I had the "ISDN" line!! In 2001, I had a T1 Line pulled to my house for a premium but Porn sites were all the rage and the money in it was sick!!

    I started back in 1997 with a company many of you may remember, Value Web. I organized, planned, and implemented their "Microsoft" hosting division. We started with 0 servers and built it to over 300 by the time I left and they also had me start Microsoft Sharepoint Hosting.

    I remember my support team constantly having to reinstall the "Microsoft Frontpage Extensions" and reinstall them. Or how about constantly restarting the "IIS Services". Another thing I do not miss is having to design for both "Explorer" and "Netscape". How about "daisy-chaining" SCSI hard drives to get 500 megs of space. This was all in the support sector mostly. I don't miss "GREPPING" mailboxes or deleting large emails so they could download their mail.

    What I do miss, well just like @Bruce_McCaughan, I too miss a lot of the control we had and the programs. I started with Macro-Media Suite, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash and used Coldfusion as the database. If you knew how to program, the world was yours. Coding in Perl, PHP, and MYSQL made you a handsome penny 😁. Nowadays everything is "Drag and Drop" (Microsoft Frontpage was the first GUI Interface).

    This is one way to answer the question, so I'll hop off the soapbox. Let's see, I pass the torch to @lisadye & @Justin_Collins you're up!

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    Popcorn, huh? ..LOL Now, I'm hungry :). I designed my first website back in 1999 using Front Page. It was soooooooo bad! I think about it now and cringe. I'm so grateful for Duda and how it makes it so simple for us to design beautiful, functional websites for our clients.

    There is so much that I "don't miss", many of which have already been mentioned in this thread. The repeating tiles, the blue hyperlinks, and the fact that video was not something you would ever consider adding to a website due to page loading time. We are so lucky today!

    Everyone I would have tagged has already been tagged!!!! :(. So, does the torch stop with me. I hope not! Somebody pick someone to tag for me :)

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    @lisadye can you imagine a portfolio site on dial-up? 😂

    Ooh, it sounds like it's time for member directory roulette!

    @MakenaDelaney you're up!

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    Hahah oh my gosh. You GUYS! I built my first website on Duda! In august 2019! But as a user, I have to say when there would be animations with the mouse. As a kid I loved it, but no serious business should have been doing that....like sparkles following around my mouse? No ma'am. haha

    Funny story about times passed though- when I build that first website, I shared it with my dad-he built Dave Ramsey's first website. So the torch was passed! haha But then he's like Oh! I need to show you my portfolio. This dude pulls out a freaking actual physical portfolio he's been storing all of these years. And he flips through the pages and shows me the various projects...My mind was BLOWN. So I'm also glad we have digital portfolios now haha

    Roulette time! I think everyone I know has been tagged already! haha

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    Autoplay Audio & Autoplay Video with Audio. WHYYYY WAS THIS DONE! I dont want something screaming at me while I'm browsing at 2 am LOL. Playing roulette here tagging @nat_rosasco

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    I just came across a website yesterday with 100 keywords in the footer. Really? And the site was new. @Adam_Wills

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    But how else will I force you to listen to the entire Evanescence album? 🤡

    (Special shoutout to those who hid the audio player behind an image - you will not be missed!)