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I am searching the community to see if anyone has recommendations on if/how I can change the overall design/template of an existing site without having to build out an entirely new site and then swapping them on the server-side.

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  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @Navey I've asked the team and here's our feedback

    First off, we need to understand what his goal is and why he prefers to build out the new site within the existing one. If he wants to entirely redesign the site, this is not something we usually recommend to our clients because it could longer than building a new one.

    Additionally, updates to the existing site can be made without those changes affecting the live link. Changes made in the site editor only appear on the live site when it is republished.

    The team has specified what kinds of improvements they can make to the site below if they really want to redesign it, but we'd love to hear more details so we can give them the feedback they need.

    - They can change the layout of some of their sections. If they can't find a design that fits, they may use the editor's 'Save Sections' feature to find one that does.

    - They can modify the header layout.

    - They can alter the site's color schemes (if the color scheme is red and black, they can make the red ones black and vice versa)


  • community_manager
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    Tagging the excellent @Shane_Hodge who might know a thing or two about this!

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Good question @Sheyla and @Navey back soon with an answer

  • Navey
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    Thank you Shane_Hodge. This answers my question for the most part. I wondered if it is possible to create a 'dev' directory within Duda to create a totally new design/template and migrate content from the existing 'live' site into it then make the switch from new to live if that makes sense?

  • Shane_Hodge
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    In all Honesty @Navey we do so many migrations/copy sites and the easiest fastest way is just do it by hand.