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We have been using DudaMobile for many years. My question - can I use the responsive Duda platform for only a mobile site?

Here is some background. Our primary site is not responsive and the work to create a new one is huge due to the amount of information that would need to be transitioned. At some point we are going to do that, but not sure what platform we will use.

Our current dudamobile site is a redirect from our primary site and has worked well for us. We are a real estate company and this mobile site is primarily for search.

However, dudamobile does not support SSL, which is a problem. Interestingly, all the search features of the site are https. For this we use a 3rd party platform known as IDX Broker. Maybe some are familiar with this - and we have created a lot of custom CSS.

I would like to create a Duda responsive site, but use it only (for the time being) as a redirect from our primary site.

Is this possible?



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Sadly, its not ideal to have just a mobile website anymore.

    I get the issues with not wanting to transition the entire site.

    With the help of a Duda Expert you may have more success transitioning the entire site over to the Responsive Duda Site for all three devices. Lots of folks on there can help you with the IDX transition as there are a lot of them (@Shane_Hodge) who have created Custom Duda widgets for this exact integration.