Question of the Week: Design Advice For Service Businesses

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This Week, @Bill_Sholar asked:

The "above the fold" issue -- trends come and go, but...

What do you feel is most effective on the desktop home page for service businesses?

(1) An image that pretty much fills the window when someone opens the home page, with a bit of text

(2) A banner image, with 3-4 "pain points" of the likely prospects visible before scrolling?

Here's what the community had to say:


Option 2.

Always solve a problem within 3 sec. If someone lands on a site and can see WHAT IS DONE AND WHERE ITS DONE boom, they scroll.


Option 2 for sure


Depends on what you're selling in my opinion. Sometimes, there's not always a pain point. Sometimes you're selling an experience. How many pain points can you list for a restaurant that would get in me there vs showing me awesome food I am going to enjoy?


you always need three things above the fold--1:very clear explanation of what the company does. Usually, this is a great photo, title, and two or three bullets.

2: very clear call to action--learn more, see our plans, find your fit, shop styles, whatever.

3: TRUST BUILDERS. This is the part everyone seems to skip. ADD SOME FORM OF TRUST BUILDING, whether a testimonial, badges on a trust bar, whatever. The trust builder part is WAY more important than people give it credit.

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