How do you find the eCommerce stores in Duda? Is it easy to build?

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I want to build a store in Duda and wanted to ask your tips:

is it better to build it in Duda or use third party?



  • Aj_Cre8
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    The ecommerce in Duda is based on ECWID. It is very powerful. We have built a few. Duda also recently purchased Snip Cart and we are all waiting patiently to see what that will bring.

    In order to start building an eCom site on your Duda website, simply click the eCommerce tab on the left design tab in the editor of the site, then click on START FOR FREE, or choose another plan.

    You can also start with a Template that has eCommerce already on the site like this one

    Let us know if you have any other questions, or need any other help.

  • Sharon_Keevins
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    In most cases, with most ecommerce you can build in Duda using Ecwid. Looking forward to seeing what Snipcart has to bring to the party. The only time I would look outside Duda is for complicated ecommerce, linking to EPOS or very very large product lists.

  • Louis_Wright
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    The eCommerce option is great for small brand stores and offers fair pricing in three tiers as the store grows.

    Their are some drawbacks some of which have recently been added, subscriptions are now available which is great and new later/after pay options added. The biggest draw back is that after a year of asking there is still no Apple or Google Pay. At the end of the checkout funnel the current biggest setback is an abandoned cart, which could be mitigated and conversion rate increased if these options and other fast pay systems were added 🤙