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I saw a post in the FB group re people looking to collaborate and share business building strategies and tactics. Thought I’d create a discussion here and see who’s interested in organising a meet up via Zoom maybe.


  • community_manager
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    I think this is a great idea!

    We're actually putting together our first community event locally and are thinking of Scaling Your Business as a theme!

  • TonyJ
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    @Sheyla Perfect, look forward to hearing more about this event

  • courtneyquaresimo
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    I would absolutely be interested in this! Great idea!

  • Ranessa_Hendrix
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    Are there plans for this in 2024? Would love to learn from other Duda Experts, I feel a little isolated in my part of the USA! Would love to network more with people who are actually using Duda to scale!

    Currently I am building only custom websites & maintaining them, but would love to discuss how other companies using Duda as a white label solution are utilizing the platform for more passive income streams? For example are you selling Duda Templates? Selling hosting services only, or express website packages? Let's Duda this discussion!!