Can DUDA be configured for subscriptions with using Square instead of Stripe?

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We cannot use Stripe processing because we are in the cannabis industry and DUDA only seems to work with that in these modules.



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    Hey @Monarch_LS_22!

    Are you using trying to use Memberships or setting up the subscription through ecommerce?

  • Monarch_LS_22
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    Subscription through ecomm but only allows PayPal or Stripe for the embedded service within the catalog and product setup.

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    +1 on @Aj_Pfeil's comment.

    Adding the ecommerce tag to this post so the right product team gets this feedback!

  • francois
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    Hey folks, our upcoming Duda eComm native solution, which will indeed be powered by a happy mix of existing Snipcart technology and core Duda development, will support Square. If everything goes according to plan, both eComm subscriptions + Square payment gateway support should be in before 2023!

    Good to know Square is more open to alternative products like cannabis, it can be a real hassle finding a payment gateway for merchants in non-traditional industries.

    Cheers! 🙇‍♂️