Best option for location search for a directory of businesses or pinned locations?

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Hey everyone!!! If you are looking at a directory of businesses or other business/listing type locations on a map, how would you want to filter results when it comes to location? I'm trying to think of the best user experience in terms of showing results on a map and in a list of options. Assume tons of other filters are in the works on this, this question is ONLY about location filtering :)

Option 1: Select a dropdown to filter by state and/or by city. The map refocuses to the center of that city or state (precise center point depends on the long/lat that google gives.) Only options in that city or state are in the list of results and visible on the map. Zooming out on the map would reset the filter to show all of the results in the list, but they'd still be zoomed into that location on the map.

Option 2: Type in an address as an origin. The results are NOT filtered, BUT the map refocuses on that coordinate and the results are ordered by distance from that origin. If the user moves the map a "Search this area"/refresh results button appears and it can recalculate what businesses are the closest to that spot.

Option 3: Type in an address as an origin. The results are filtered to show results within a distance that the user selects. I.e. within 1 mile, within 5 miles, within 10 miles, within 50 miles.


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    I wound up making a design decision on this based off of research and feedback I got on Facebook! :)

    The widget uses the searched for location to calculate the distance from the new center point for each business/property/listing. Then it updates the list to reflect that distance, sorts them in least distance order, and centers the map on that long/lat. (Option 2)

    I'm super stoked with how this concept is turning out!!!!!

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    I think option 2 is best. Glad you went with that!