Monday Mornings

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Good Morning All.

As I sit here at my computer fiddling around with some Duda Sites and features, I am wondering. What do all the other pros do each Monday.

What are your habits that you like to kick start your week with? We are not a huge agency, but we like to do the following.

  • Send check in emails
  • Remind our awesome clients of any past issues that need to be resolved
  • See if anything is needed from us
  • Check in on the Duda FB Group and now the Duda Community (daily lol)
  • Can't forget to drink our Monster Energy Drinks (daily as well lol).

Just kind of curious as to what some of the other pros and some of the larger agencies in this community do each and every week to make sure business gets started off on the right foot. Mondays are so vital to a successful week in our opinion. If your week starts off bad, it is kind of hard to recover from.

"Dear Monday, I want to break up. I am seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it's not me, it's you." - Found on Google.


  • Vanessa_Browne
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    I use an old-school notebook to plan out the week, and in addition to the usual operational / website launch goals, I try to include the following for the week:

    1 business development activity

    1 team-building catch-up / activity

    Time to improve processes

    Time to learn new skills

    A 3 hour block to do something fun with my mum (she's in a wheelchair)

    If I can hit all those objectives, I feel pretty good about where the week is going. :-)

  • Aj_Cre8
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    That sounds like you have a pretty good way of kickstarting the week and getting focused to tackle anything that may happen. What helps you stay focused throughout the week if something were to Pop Up unexpectedly?

  • Vanessa_Browne
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    That's the bit I'm pretty crap at ! lol! I need to do better in 2022. :-)

  • Aj_Cre8
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    Sounds like a good New Years Resolution...

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey AJ good question. My Monday is actually like a Sunday, yes I live in the Phillipines but I work on a USA Time Zone as most of calls are with the USA so Monday? I plan zip nada even Aussie Calls always book on a Tuesday. Now Tuesday? New Ball game, Batter up. Im usually booked two weeks in advance so the plan is already in place, Team meetings are set at the start of the month so I have those already nailed. So unless there is a crisis and I have to move stuff around, Im ready to go.

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    @Shane_Hodge it sounds like you stay pretty busy. What do you do you do as a CEO to ensure your team stays motivated for those busy busy Mondays (or Tuesdays)?

  • Monday mornings are focused on strategy and planning, tracking goals and progress, making adjustments based on new data, etc.

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    @Peter_Brissette What would your Tuesdays look like then??