Do you use Duda as a subdomain on your main site?



  • ajrose2
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    @Aj_Pfeil ahh gotcha, that's interesting to hear - and would not be ideal. I'm getting slightly different information from Duda support, so at this point I think I just need to dig in a bit.

    Support let me know this the other day: "I see, in this case your site domain will be and you can set the slug as I show in the following example of my site:"

    If that's the case, the structure would work. The only tedious thing about that would be adding "blog/" into the slug for each post.

    Maybe I'm still way off on this, though.

  • KateH
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    @ajrose2 Just wondering how you handled this?

    I am adding a help section to my website that is hosted somewhere else. I was going to do to connect my duda site as as subdomain to my site. I know our situations are different but just wondering what you ended up doing.

  • PaigeW
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    Are there any new updates/solutions for adding /blog as the URL slug to any Duda blog post? I don't see that as an option in the blog settings and this relates to the original question posted with having an organized slug.

  • visioncraft
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    Hi there, @PaigeW - welcome to the Duda Community!

    AFAIK, if what you're trying to do is set a 'default' URL path prefix for all your blog articles - eg., so that they all automatically default to something like "", then the answer is that this option doesn't seem to be available yet. There is a feature request in the Ideas Board about it, so if you vote for it there it might get implemented sooner rather than later.

    Note that we can indeed add "/blog" — or any other — prefix to the URL path of our articles, manually. It's just not an automatic setting, yet…