AMP as a way to improve SEO?

Omer Ram
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I was invited by the team to tell you about AMP as an SEO tool and how you may offer it to your clients. Let's go:

(1/8) Accelerated Mobile Pages look the same as regular pages, but have a different type of building blocks that make them very lightweight and fast loading.

(2/8) Google launched AMP to be as mobile-friendly as possible (and to rule the world. more on that later..). In addition, Google pre-loads AMP pages into the search results. This makes their speed unparallel, and it shows ⤵

(3/8) ↪ AMP pages enjoy from 30% more search traffic on average. The reason: AMP's high Core Web Vitals score, which measures how mobile friendly a page is. Since AMP was developed by Google - you may say it has the 'cheat sheet'.

(4/8) The fast loading also improves bounce rate (can reduce it by up to 70%). So AMP gets more visitors, and more of them would stay in the site. Double-win.

(5/8) However it's not all fun - in order to be AMP compliant, a page must abide by strict rules. Many 3rd party apps and integrations aren't AMP-compliant, and won't show up ⤵

(6/8) ↪ For that reason, an AMP page doesn't replace the HTML page, it rather co-exist alongside it and shows up only in the search results (think of it like every page gets a version that's optimized to serve as a lading page). When the visitor navigates away from the AMP page - she reaches the regular pages of your site.

(7/8) AMP was controversial. Google wanted all sites to be AMP. The problem was they pushed too hard and gave AMP unfair advantages (like showing only AMP at the favorable top results carousel), and forced sites to adopt it even if they didn't plan to.

(8/8) The community resented, and Google retracted its big plans. Today AMP is what it was meant to be - a great tool to make websites fast and user friendly, and most importantly - SEO optimized.

If you reached this far, and would like to learn more, watch our Duda webinar:

To try AMP on your sites, our app, "AMP: faster websites" is in the app store:

What do you think? Do you have past experience with AMP? Was it back breaking, or as good as you expected?


  • Aj_Cre8
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    Welcome to the community

    I am wondering if you care to display Before and After results of how AMP can help increase SEO rankings.

    We all know that Duda creates amazing Page Speed Scores which are crucial to Core Web Vitals and overall SEO score. So, what is the Upside and (unbias) Downside to using amp?

    What makes it worth a try, or even more worth a monthly fee?

  • Vanessa_Browne
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    Thanks for the overview, Omer. The pricing structure makes it difficult to roll this out for every client, but I can certainly see how it could be worth it for my agency site and clients who are on an ongoing SEO plan.

  • Simon_Wilkins
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    We've implemented Amplify on our agency website. Google Search Console reported an error with the implementation. I contacted support who advised that a Duda developer would need to resolve. They did resolve the initial issue but I now a further issues being reported by Google.

    I wondered whether others have experienced this?