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Hey Duda Web Pros! 👋

I want to first start off by saying thank you to each and everyone for being such an integral part of Duda as a member of our community. The Duda Community is a place where web professionals learn, inspire and collaborate with each other in an open and safe environment. You are the foundation of this community and the voice that empowers your peers to continue doing what they love. 

If we have yet to meet, my name is Justin and I am @the_duda_app_guy (he/his/him). I am entrusted with developing Duda’s robust app partnerships as well as ensuring the apps we provide as part of our platform work effectively, are trusted, and solve specific needs that you have. 

With this, we invite app partners to periodically join our community to provide value to all of our community members under strict conditions: they can never sell to you. We have all seen those social group posts where companies shamelessly plug their own product. This not only distracts from the intended purpose of our community but also does a disservice to each of you. It is not our intention to allow an app provider to spam our beloved community and have enacted a zero-tolerance policy with no warnings for such actions. You are our secret power and we want to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to again provide you with an open and safe environment to collaborate. 

If you see any of our app partners posting in this forum, feel free to say hi and interact with them. They, just like all of you, have years of valuable experience within their specific remits that can be leveraged for your needs. From ensuring your customers' brands show up at that ‘just right’ moment with a listings app to protecting their business with ADA & WCAG compliance, our app partners are here for you.

If you’re ever interested in seeing what apps Duda offers, head on over to our App Store @ apps.duda.co

- @the_duda_app_guy