Newbie Question - Workflow for Go Live | Client Billing | DNS Settings


How do you onboard and go live with clients?

1)specifically, once the site is done.. what do you duda pros normally do as far as setting up the DNS records to point to the new site?

a) Does the customer do? if so do you send the instructions?

b) Do you as the webdesigner do it?

I watched the go live video but I don't know how to streamline that particular part of the workflow.... Including using Duda Client Billing with it.

Thanks in advance

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
    Elizabeth_Fedak Member Posts: 106 MVP
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    I personally just get a login and do it myself, it's much faster than trying to explain to someone who doesn't really understand DNS how they should be doing it, and they usually don't feel very confident doing it or just make up values instead of copying and pasting what I send over.

  • courtneyquaresimo
    courtneyquaresimo Member Posts: 184 Leader
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    I agree with @Elizabeth_Fedak. I usually login to their domain register myself or get them to delegate access to me and do it myself. Much quicker process.

  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 673 MVP
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    I usually pay for them to transfer their domain to us, so we can manage everything for them! If they choose to leave us and our services, we pay to transfer it back to wherever they want it!


  • community_manager
    community_manager Administrator, Moderator Posts: 301 Duda Staff

    It's interesting that you should ask this question because we have an exciting announcement around DNS coming soon ...