Duda Tutorial Video Series


Hi Everyone!

The website and video teams at RivalMind have paired up and begun working on a library of tutorial videos educating on the Duda platform. Aptly named Duda Dojo, this content will be segmented by experience level where our videos will be categorized as "white belt" or "black belt". The overarching goal is to provide well-done engaging tutorials for new Duda users or clients who have just received their finished Duda website!

Our pilot episode: "How to Add a Page in Duda" launched today (https://youtu.be/uyPYrT7WCZw)

We have 3 series of 15 videos planned for the next few months and we want as much great feedback as possible, as well as new ideas for future tutorials!

We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

-Harley Helmer

RivalMind Strategist