Monthly Community Digest - May '22 Edition

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Hello 👋

It's the start of a new month, which means it's time for our Community Monthly Digest. At the end of every month, we'll share a digest of interesting posts, new League members, important updates, and anything you might have missed (but shouldn't have!) over the course of the month. So without further ado, let's dive in!

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Our App team is officially in the community! Get to know @the_duda_app_guy, our app partnership hero. Check it out.

Member of the Month: Courtney Quaresimo

Congratulations to @courtneyquaresimo, May's member of the month! Courtney has been an absolute rockstar in the community, providing answers left and right. Way to go, Courtney - we can't wait to see you become a Legend.

Welcome New Members

@boomsk8er, @SailorBlue, @ThomasHess, @joaoUpSites, @Shanghaigolden, @AdvisedByLA, @weatherbob, @Josephine, @Safari_2022, @FloridaPam, @Monarch_LS_22, @BeyondTechnology, @T_House, @Steve, @jonolong, @Ezesunday12, @jesslyn1800, @Linda, @Maryann, @chris_t1, @RoyaltyCopy, @StephenK, @Christian, @ewilhelmus, @George, @cwc, @lovecoding, @Screwheads, @Greenstudio, @AnnaZhang, @sagsagon, @andy123, @zensites, @rerummy, @growmybrand, @rahim, @ariel_sanchez, @gazzire, @Kcrites, @Lisa, @zozotest, @ajrose2, @BetterEachDay, @prohstyle, @vladcanada, @Marcus, @Anthony_Broadside, @StevenH, @addoughty_84, @EverywherebutNowhere, @dnim, @Bland, @jeffstark, @KeithR_1, @Pierce, @Anette, and @GregMichael.

Product Updates

New App: Agentz

Help your customers respond faster, offer a better customer experience, and capture more business using Agentz.

Header Overlap First Row: Now Customizable Per Page!

Today, for more design flexibility, you can enable the Overlap First Row and control its background color per page!

Create members groups for a more personalized experience

Schools, corporations, and other types of groups often need to personalize content and information to individual members.

What’s the community talking about?

That's a wrap! ☺️ Stay tuned for the next Monthly Community Digest!