What widget do you wish Duda had?

Macauley_Smith Member Posts: 3
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I'm a developer looking for ideas to bring to life, comment your ideas and I might make it as a widget and share it with the community!


  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 564 MVP

    What would you say your specialty is? If you could put a pinpoint of a type of widget you loved developing what would it be? Simple widgets with HTML and CSS or advanced widgets with Dynamic Data capabilities?

  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 158 MVP

    @Macauley_Smith, you may want to scan the ideas board. Search for widgets or try to identify specific user widget asks that have not yet been committed to.


  • Macauley_Smith
    Macauley_Smith Member Posts: 3

    Hey AJ, I mostly enjoy the front end development, I like making really modern good-looking widgets that also serve a purpose. So if there's an issue to fix or some quality-of-life widget I could make I do that, but do it in a cool-looking way too.

  • Macauley_Smith
    Macauley_Smith Member Posts: 3

    Hey Thomas, thanks for the reply! That's a great resource that I didn't know about so thanks for that!

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    @Macauley_Smith so fun. Lmk if anything gets posted that you pass on as I’m working on new widgets too over at Widget Pro :-) I am a JavaScript developer. Send me a message if you want to collaborate on anything!

  • Erica_Silzer
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    I would love to see more options for payment systems.

    Currently, I use an app called Wave for my invoicing etc., not Paypal or similar systems. I want to keep my business relatively simple and not have to use these other services.

    I am not sure this is a possible widget addition, but just thought I would throw the idea your way.

    Here is the link to the software app I use: https://www.waveapps.com

  • Orbiter
    Orbiter Member Posts: 1

    I am a former rocket scientist turned ReactJS web3/Solidity crypto developer. Duda may have excellent e-commerce integration...but what about cryptocurrency? I'm working on a series of custom widgets to connect to crypto wallets and send/receive cryptocurrencies to bypass the credit card system...or build hybrid fiat/crypto gateways.

    The difficulty I've encountered in the Duda documentation is JavaScript access seems to end at element, when what I need to access is window to get to the browser extensions where the user's crypto wallets reside...

  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 564 MVP

    The limitations here are not on Duda's end rather than on their partners (ECWID) end. The acceptance of Crypto is still widely unacceptable by providers or software agencies due to various reason. I will be interested in seeing what Duda is planning on accepting as far as payments with their new SnipCart acquisition. Maybe Cryptos are in our future.

    Be sure to follow the "Announcements" section for updates on SnipCart as soon as they are released.