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How do I reclaim credits on my agency plan once a site is unpublished? Can they forced released? Thanks

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    I think you posted in FB too, your best bet if you need to save the ~$12-$13 this month is to flip the new site onto the old site. Duda only offers refunds on NEW purchases made within 30 days, so you can't unpurchase a renewal on a site, so if you're publishing a 5th site, for example, you'd be billed for 5 sites in that billing window.

    NOTE: Unpublishing a site DOES NOT turn off auto-renew or cancel billing, do that in the billing tab in the dashboard for that site. (Use the 3 dot menu for the site.) SO if you are seeing unexpected charges, you probably never canceled the auto-renewal.


    Agency plans include 4 site credits and all of that is figured out on the backend by Duda each month so you don't have to worry about determining which site is being credited by the plan if you have 4 sites or more with active billing. If you are trying to immediately use a credit on a site that has renewed at least once already, your only option is to reset the site that already has active billing on it or to gut the cost for a month AFAIK. Duda is already paying for the costs on their end to their vendors and can't just give you your money back if it's a renewal, which is not covered by their refund policy. NEW sites can be refund within 30 days of purchase/site subscription.

    Here are instructions to 'flip' the new site onto that existing credit: Just save the old site to a new template if you are needing to use it later. There are 'saving a template' instructions in the Duda docs too! :)

    If you accidentally published/purchased a bunch of sites that are in the 30 day original purchase refund window, contact Duda support to immediately to cancel the site(s) on their end. Note, that really is only applicable to sites that fall under their refund window. They had to pay for the Stripe fees already and have been paying hosting fees on that site etc so it makes sense that they can't give you money back on renewals.