Relationships between collections?



  • Shane_Hodge
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    Thanks @Aj_Cre8 I think we have a widget for that will check with the team in the morning and BRB. Hope we can help @MrHasBean

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Sorry to join the convo late! This is 100% doable in Duda with custom widgets. I use JavaScript to filter lists based on the required inputs provided in custom widgets. You can connect to multiple collections and achieve the joins in many ways. I recommend working with a Duda Expert on custom widgets if you come over to the Duda side. I have some examples of relational content widgets I can share with you that other folks have set up, just send me a message if you’re curious about how you’d manage your content on your end and any takeaways can be added to the convo here for all to learn from :-)

  • MrHasBean
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    Thanks Shane. Following one of the earlier responses I have played around with Airtable and can understand how that could be used for the data entry and storage, so from there it would really be understanding either if there are existing widgets that can take advantage of that kind of related content, or how to go about creating one. It is a shame that the trial period doesn't allow access to any of this. I'm not uncomfortable with PHP and Javascript, I've created quite a bit of custom code for WordPress sites, but wouldn't class myself as an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Any feedback or direction is appreciated.

    Presently I'm evaluating how much the various tools I use on WordPress cost each year and how much my hosting costs, then the time investment involved in maintaining all of the installations etc, and comparing that with the costs and benefits of Duda. There are definitely features in Duda that would streamline things and reduce costs in other areas. Thanks again for your response.

  • MrHasBean
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    Hi Elizabeth and thanks for taking the time to respond! I would be very interested in seeing this in operation and understanding some of the techniques available. As I mentioned in the response above, following one of the earlier responses I've played around with Airtable and can understand how it could be used for storage, it is just the method of implementing things on the site that have me a bit stumped. The trial doesn't provide access to things like the Widget builder or Airtable, so there isn't really an opportunity to explore these options. Any feedback is appreciated.