Setting specific breakpoints manually

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Is it possible to set a manual breakpoint to force the view to "tablet mode" when the browser window is reduced or resolution is set too low on a desktop? If I understand correctly, and in testing, it seems as long as I'm on a desktop it stays at "desktop size".

I have some clients reporting odd behaviour and the only thing i can see is that they are using a projector to view a site with an extremely low screen resolution. It is causing the nav to stack in the header.

When i resize a browser window manually on my desktop - i get the same sort of thing.

Responsiveness seems to be working fine on different devices... and looks great in the builder previews...

But i was wondering if it is possible to force the browser to view the "tablet view" if a desktop browser is viewing below a certain pixel width?

This might be obvious... but i can't find any reference in the help or in reviewing settings etc.

Thanks for any help.



  • Kris_Bram
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    We're running into the same issue - did you ever find a fix?

  • Aj_Cre8
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    edited September 2023

    As of now you can not set breakpoints manually in Duda…

    I do think this is a great idea and feature, and maybe Editor 2.0 will have that.

    Be sure to add all new ideas to the Idea Board and share it so folks can upvote it.

  • M_Lito
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    If you’re editing the site in a 4k monitor, reduce the window size to half horizontally and you will the the top menu behavior more acurately in smaller resolutions screens.

    You can also change the menu to show the tablet for the desktop in the theme settings. So, the hamburger menu shows on all devices.

    it look great for a minimalist design.

    if you share a screenshot I may be able to help you further. I’m a very pick about how my sites look on all devices. so I test and re-test on a variety of screens.