Setting specific breakpoints manually

dnim Member Posts: 4


Is it possible to set a manual breakpoint to force the view to "tablet mode" when the browser window is reduced or resolution is set too low on a desktop? If I understand correctly, and in testing, it seems as long as I'm on a desktop it stays at "desktop size".

I have some clients reporting odd behaviour and the only thing i can see is that they are using a projector to view a site with an extremely low screen resolution. It is causing the nav to stack in the header.

When i resize a browser window manually on my desktop - i get the same sort of thing.

Responsiveness seems to be working fine on different devices... and looks great in the builder previews...

But i was wondering if it is possible to force the browser to view the "tablet view" if a desktop browser is viewing below a certain pixel width?

This might be obvious... but i can't find any reference in the help or in reviewing settings etc.

Thanks for any help.