Learn how the COPreneur Path Podcast showcases all of their episodes w/ a collection

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Hey everyone! I had a blast working with @Adam_Wills to get his the COPreneur Path Podcast fully loaded on the LEO2CEO Duda website. I wrote up a case study on some of the types of custom widgets that were used and what sort of logic we could handle in Airtable to give you a sense of how you could bring your podcast customers over to Duda.

Here are a few paragraphs from the beginning of the case study!

Learn how StoryWeb Creative used Duda's dynamic pages and custom widgets to manage weekly podcast content for the COPreneur Path Podcast

The challenge

The COPreneur Path Podcast is published weekly and has a varying list of guests, related topics, and other data that was not always consistent in structure across each episode, so it was hard to shape directly into a dynamic page. They also needed a searchable list of episodes that would display the most recently published episode and could feature various details, like the season number, description, and tags.

Overall, the COPreneur Path Podcast needed a way to easily manage their episodes and have the episodes published at a specific time every Monday morning, which is not a collection feature–at least not yet!

The solution

Widget Pro developed several widgets, including a dynamic list widget that pulled in data from Airtable and rendered it in order of the most recent episode, and several custom widgets for the episode listing page so that speaker information could be listed, resources could be configured, and podcast timeline descriptions could be displayed in a table. Widget Pro and Storyweb Creative brainstormed a Zapier flow that moved upcoming episodes into the existing table when it came time to go live Monday morning.

Here's a link to the full case study if you want to check it out. PS We'll have a follow up post shortly about how you can set a 'publish' date in 2 ways, either with an Airtable formula or w/ a Zapier flow, so stay tuned!

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