Is it possible to have 'Enquire about this product' button on ecom product pages?


As the title suggests, so the product is sent to the store owner and they can respond about that product?

Additionally how to add a Whatsapp share button to a product page?

Hopefully not too difficult, but I'm struggling to edit the product page template!



  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 612 MVP

    If you are wanting to have "Enquire" products, I don't recommend using (or paying for) ecommerce. I would set up a Catalog Site utilizing an Internal collection, or an AirTable database. With that, each product can have its own page with a contact form or button where they can request more information and give the owner a way to reach them.

    As far as WhatsApp sharing - it is not possible within Duda without a custom widget. You can visit the Experts Page to see if someone can help you develop such a sharing button.

  • SeanWade
    SeanWade Member Posts: 2

    "I would set up a Catalog Site utilizing an Internal collection"

    I'm using collections and have an inquiry form, but don't know how to embed collection data in the form. Are you sure that's possible?

  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 612 MVP

    Yes it is.. You would simply connect the Form Title (so the site owner knows what product is in question) and connect the email. HERE is the article on the product update.