Duda Membership is now live! 🎉



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    Thanks Scotty, I've been on to support it them that tell me its not mobile friendly.. Unless I got the trainee.

    I just can't believe a company like Duda would ignore the mobile functionality .. Its cost me a days work and loss of business if it is true with no workaround?


    (11:24:18 AM) Tony Jones: but I'm using membership pages are they available on the mobile?
    (11:24:57 AM) Carol : You can select to go to a membership page
    (11:25:01 AM) Carol : and there, the person login
    (11:25:32 AM) Tony Jones: because i cant fined the signup page in the menu like the desktop
    (11:26:09 AM) Carol : Yes, sorry, unfortunately it is a limitation for the mobile version 😣️
    (11:26:25 AM) Tony Jones: ahhhhhh...
    (11:27:33 AM) Tony Jones: the membership function is an audio file to be played from a mobile device
    (11:28:25 AM) Tony Jones: can it be a login ... if the signup was done by desktop?
    (11:29:12 AM) Carol : Im sorry, not at the moment
    (11:29:24 AM) Carol : I suggest adding it as feature request 
    (11:30:00 AM) Tony Jones: what abourt forcing the mobile to look at desktop
    (11:30:16 AM) Tony Jones: can that be done?
    (11:30:45 AM) Carol : Unfortunately, it is not, sorry :(
    (11:31:20 AM) Tony Jones: i know ill think of something else .....
    (11:31:41 AM) Carol : Sure!! Is there anything else that I can help you with?
    (11:31:55 AM) Tony Jones: no thanks https://ideas.duda.co/