Content management system


I have many customers that use a CMS in wordpress. Duda does not have a CMS right? Is there a plugin we can use? What is the best alternative to have a CMS in a duda website?


  • joaoUpSites
    joaoUpSites Member Posts: 4

    WordPress is CMS who has a few page builders. And the duda is great page builder who has huge CMS. Duda is CMS as WordPress without the hassle of plugins conflicts, updates that crashes the website, invasions and other bad things.

  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 132 Learner

    To add to the conversation, "CMS" stands for "Content Management System", which is a fancy name for "website editor".

    Duda IS a CMS. It is a hosted, managed Content Management System for websites (hosted on its servers/system).

    Some may infer that the "System" part eludes to more robust features of management. Fair enough.

    But I think the simple answer, that Duda has/IS a CMS. And it has lots of features as Wordpress (and others) does.

    Be careful when moving clients from WP to Duda as there are a lot of features the former may have vs Duda. For example, Duda doesn't (yet) do gated content (login) very well. And eComm is hit or miss. But for basic websites, the Duda CMS is every bit as good, and often better than WP.