Get Ready for DudaCon 2! Tell Us What Topics We Should Cover

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Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that DudaCon 2 is on the horizon. DudaCon is a series of events dedicated to the topics that matter to Agencies most, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on what we should cover next.

Should we talk about ...

  • How do agencies diversify offerings to create new revenue streams?
  • How to boost clients' SEO results with Content Gap analysis?
  • How to increase the business value of web design?

As we're currently working on the DudaCon 2 agenda, we are interested in getting the community's input on what topics should there be a significant focus on. It's your chance to help us create the DudaCon 2 agenda!

Please share in the comments section down below 👇️

Looking forward to applying your feedback!


  • community_manager
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    So exciting!! Can't wait to hear what topics everyone is interested in! Tagging a few community members who I know will have 2 🪙 to add!

    @Aj_Cre8 @courtneyquaresimo @Pedro_Perez @Sharon_Keevins what do you think?

  • Aj_Cre8
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    So, the AMA with the Founders was AWESOME.. What if we had an AMA with the Development team? The folks who can answer questions like "What are we working on? How is the platform going to improve? How can we do this, or that?"

    Then we want to hear from the DIE HARD DUDA USERS.. Not the folks who claim to be ALL DUDA ALL THE TIME, but then you go to their sites and they are all WP this, or Webflow that, or We are Wix Kings and Queens... What does it take for a DUDA AGENCY, TO ACTUALLY SUCCEED WITH DUDA..

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  • Alex_Schupp
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    I would love to see some more content about optimizing sites for conversions, maybe bring back the "Dream Team" from your last webinar?

  • Shane_Hodge
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    I agree with @Aj_Cre8 duda needs to push the agnostics aside and focus on people who have made it with duda. The speakers you choose should be offering advice that is focused on presenting duda cms as THE solution, to often when you check their websites duda is just one of the options.Be bold, brand proud and be duda focused.

  • Monarch_LS_22
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    Several things...been a DUDA customer for three years.

    Advanced reports. The Monkeydata just disappeared July 1 with no replacement...unacceptable.

    Ability to provide subscriptions beyond only Stripe or PayPal. CBD companies cannot use these processors.

    Ability to insert more than 4 columns per now.

  • community_manager
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    Hi @Monarch_LS_22!

    Thanks for chiming in :)

    As these are specific features, I would recommend voting for them in our Idea Board (if you haven't already).