Links are on entire div instead of just the text for connected data

Elizabeth_Fedak Member Posts: 106 MVP

When I'm adding in new page information, I like to click outside of the title and description boxes to verify it's updated by seeing the little green checkbox. Underneath these fields, there's a link for Connected Data that I expect to open up that option. However, instead the entire div underneath is linked, so it always pops open the connected data menu even if I'm clicking pretty far outside of it in the bottom right corner where you wouldn't expect a link to be hidden. There's no UI indication besides the hover cursor to indicate it's linked there. While it's not a show-stopping thing, it is slowing me down from updating page info because it's hard to not click in that spot since it's right underneath the text field where I want to naturally click. In the image, everything in red is hyperlinked instead of just the link that would be expected to be hyperlinked. Either making it more obvious that the entire div is meant to open the Connect to data menu, or limiting it to the text would be helpful.