Form Response Notification Customization

courtneyquaresimo Member Posts: 185 Leader

Is there any way at all to customize form fill notifications? The way it is set up now, the forms don't come through super clean.

For example:

I have a client that owns a restaurant so job applications are a HUGE thing. They are very busy and need to be able to easily read these application form fills but they kind of look like a jumbled mess when they come through.

Is there a way for us to customize the forms to make them look more organized?

The photos below show a good example. The first photo is nice and clean. 2nd one not so much.

I know there are other form integrations out there. Was just hoping to work within Duda.

If this is not possible, does anyone have any suggestions for something that would come through clean like below?



  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 677 MVP

    Sadly, the form aspect of Duda is lacking some seriously needed features. They are working on a new Form process for the editor (according to the founders at DudaCon) and it should be released THIS YEAR. However, in the mean time I recommend JOTFORM. You can build an application, and set the PDF for that form so that when it is filled out, the owner gets a PDF answer of the application to their email.