Using the Button Widget for email?

Geoff Member Posts: 9

Hey Good People,

Looking for a little help here.

When I use the Button Widget for email, it opens up whatever email client that website user uses to send the email.

But once the email is sent, then I'm seeing that it's just a blank email client page.

Is there anyway to get the user back to the website after they send the email?

Or am I missing an 'open link in new window' option when using the button?

TIA for all your help!


  • Bruce_McCaughan
    Bruce_McCaughan Member Posts: 132 Learner

    If you set the button to send an email, it is no different than linking text and making that prompt an email. The code just opens up an email in the user's default mail client. That's how the <a ... href ... mailto: ... tag works.

    If you would like a different experience, perhaps you could/shoul link the button to a popup (or page) with a simple form?