Collection and Form Fields


I'm currently working on building a dynamic site using several collections.

We currently have several marketing campaigns and I've created a dynamic site with multiple pages. Each page has it's own collection that is name the same as the page. Each Sales agent in our company has his own page for each campaign within the dynamic site.

So for example dynamic.pages.<siteurl>/<campaign>/<sales agent>

So for our spring campaign the url would be dynamic.pages.<url>.com/Spring/Agent1

We have a collection called Spring and it has all our sales agents in the collections who are assigned to this campaign. So each Spring page for each Agent would be customized to their Agent contact information.

Now the issue we are running into is that when a form is submitted the webhook data sent to our application server does not identify which sales agent is responsible for this client. We need this information on the server to track our metrics and KPI's

So the question can we create a hidden field on the form (I know we can do this) that contains a field from the collection such as (AGENT_ID) so we know which agents page the form was submitted through the webhook.



  • Aj_Cre8
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    If your forms are on the dynamic page, why not name the contact form after the agent? So when the form is sent, it tells you which agent they want?