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Hi Duda community.

We are a small web business in our early stages. We are currently building up our business processes and are hoping to start taking on clients in the near future. Sitefolk consists of myself (Isaac) and my partner Nellie. We are based in Sydney Australia.

We originally decided to use the Squarespace platform for our development needs and agreed to put up with the limitations of the platform in favour of the ease of use of the tools. However since finding Duda and completing as many of the University courses as we can, it is so obvious that Duda is the platform for us and provides so much more than SQSP in every regard.

Having the platform targeted for agencies like our is a perfect solution. There are so many features that have been implemented in great detail, unlike the half-baked features added on the Squarespace platform. The training material is amazing (shout out to the Duda Education Team!).

We are really excited to be here and are looking forward to growing our business with the help of this wonderful community. Stay tuned!



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    Welcome to the Dudaverse, @Sitefolk! We're so happy you're here and enjoying our Duda University content! We have a lot more planned, so stay tuned :)