Duda Simple Site Editor: My Initial Thoughts

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Hi Duda Web Pro's! I hope this is acceptable here but I am test driving the Simple Site Editor and am in LOVE w/ it. In this video I go over my initial thoughts on the platform and how we prepare on using it in the near future.


  • Shane_Hodge
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    Love Ruan Marinho love the video BUT would love to see/hear a pros/cons version. Yes the Simple Editor is super exciting bravo duda. In My case? TheCamel thought long and hard and has taken the leap and is in integration/collateral making mode as we speak, but mates? Its not for everyone. Its an Enterprise Solution so it needs an investment, it needs potential customers to use it so it needs traffic which of course needs an investment, it needs a constant fresh supply of clicks and that also requires investment, it puts you in a market with a lot of competition offering low cost and to compete? That requires an Investment. The money maker (as just simple sites needs a LOT of them to make money) is the ability to value add and convert which needs sales and marketing which requires skill and investment. Reminds me of owning a luxury sports car, of course many want one, yes fun to go fast, yes people stop and stare but hello you have to be able to afford to service it, have the skill to drive it and the garage space to store it. Im not being a party pooper, the simple editor is sensational tech, but after getting excited about that? You need to ask yourself what market are you aiming for, what are your business plans.

  • Vanessa_Browne
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    Is it an enterprise solution, though? My agency is niche (and I assume I'm not the only one) and at present, there's no way for me to serve my low budget clients. I just lose them. I already have the leads, the prospects....no additional marketing required. There seems to be a big (wrong) assumption by Duda that only large, generalist agencies would want to offer Simple Site Builder to a mass audience.

    I'd be prepared to pay good money for access to SSB, but not $35K+ AUD per year. Especially because I don't need the additional features that a Custom plan offers.

    I think Duda has made a bad decision by only offering SSB to enterprise customers and making it difficult for agency clients to find out even basic information. It's such an awesome feature and now all I feel is frustrated that I can't access it without bankrupting my business and being forced to take on a Custom plan that isn't a good fit for my needs. SSB should be a stand-alone feature add-on for all Duda agency clients.

  • Shane_Hodge
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    I hear ya @Vanessa_Browne its a tough one.

  • community_manager
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    I hear you @Vanessa_Browne, and it's definitely something our team is thinking about. I'm sorry it's not a good fit for you but I'll make sure to circle back if something changes about how we offer this tool.