Is it possible to hide a row on a dynamic page if the data is empty?

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Hi all,

I want to create a collection to generate some dynamic pages of machines.

Some of the machines however have additional attachments available that need listing, but the majority do not. Is it possible to hide/show an entire row, depending on whether or not these additional options are available for that product page?

I don't want to add a gallery section to a dynamic page, and have it empty for the majority of the pages.


Ideally I would like to have three collections to handle this.

  1. A primary collection to handle the filters and build out the pages.
  2. A collection listing all machines, the filters will then only display the relevant machines on the primary collection pages
  3. A collection of all attachments and extras, also filtered by the primary collection filter options and displayed on the relevant page (ideally, I would like one collection per machine extras, but I don't believe it's currently possible to connect these to the relevant primary collection page with filters, so I'll just combine them all into one for now)


  • Aj_Cre8
    Aj_Cre8 Member Posts: 673 MVP

    If you are using AirTable you can write a function into the database that does not display rows that are empty.