How do Duda look at the Ideas board


So I'm curious to know how Duda prioritises work from the ideas board (if anyone knows) this is probably mainly directed at @Sheyla I guess.

Whenever something gets raised that Duda doesn't do it's suggested to add it to the Ideas board and vote for it which I get. It keeps things all in one place etc and I assume by the votes then technically if it has lots it's something the userbase really wants so should probably be prioritised. However, there are things 'in development' on the ideas board that have a few votes while things with more aren't.

I understand that some things are just a natural extension of existing work so are easy to just add. I guess my question is more around things that have been categoried 'backlog' how often are they reviewed to move into other categories?

My main issue is the lack of 2FA which I've mentioned before so I apologise for repeating myself. I'm getting pressured by our technical director (we're part of an IT company) as well as some of our larger clients (medical institutes) to get a timeframe or move on from Duda and find a more secure system.

Amir said at the last DudaCon that it was important and needed to be implemented yet here we are coming up to the next DudaCon and nothing has been done. The last update from an 'Admin' on the 'idea' was February 2021.

New functionality is great and certainly appreciated but it's also concerning when that functionality is things like client billing which could open up other issues if an account is compromised.

Sorry we're just frustrated and don't understand how this idea doesn't seem to be being taken seriously (security should be fundamental). It just feels like Duda are putting their heads in the sand and ignoring it until something actually happens and a customer (or worse an agencies) account is compromised.


  • Thomas_Connery
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    Having more insight into ideation would be beneficial, I agree. How long are In-Progress items a work in progress? I'm sure the answer depends on the complexity of the enhancement. Honestly, I'm glad Duda offers the idea board at all. Many software companies don't and it's unfortunate.

    Either way, if anyone wants to vote for or share their thoughts on the MFA request, here's the link:

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @Alastair_Manning Good post. Heres an Idea. duda has some very very capable development partners, why not partner with them and get some of those ideas off the ground, you cant be all things to all people, share the love.

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    I love the idea board but I agree , it would be nice to know how things are prioritized or a better time line on "in-progress" items and backlogged items.

  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    What I don't like about the Ideas Bored, and Duda's approach to "listening to the community" in general is, it lumps everything in as "ideas" or "feature requests". There needs to be a clear list of bugs and more importantly, "flaws and user-experience issues". The latter tends to fall through the cracks. There are tons and tons of issues that are important and that clients notice, that aren't sexy enough to elicit tons of votes, the way new features would. But common sense should dictate that these things are important.

    I definitely see why Duda/mgt would like the Ideas Bored. It would cut down on having to reply to complaints of such issues as they can direct everyone to add/vote on the idea board thingy.

  • Alastair_Manning
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    @Shane_Hodge, thanks for that. Yep totally agree with regards to developing some ideas outside of Duda as custom widgets (or even apps) the help with the load. We've built some custom widgets ourselves, and also worked with some development partners to add additional functionality. We're certainly not relying solely on Duda to provide 🙂.

    I think maybe that's my issue and it's along the lines of what @Bruce_McCaughan mentioned. There are 'pretty/nice to haves' on the ideas board that have lots of votes that could be picked up by an external party and developed.

    Equally, there are also items on there (with less votes) like the aforementioned 2FA (or existing bugs/flaws) that would need to be part of the core platform and couldn't be developed externally as it would need to be integrated into Duda.

    This comes back to how is the work prioritised? Maybe on the Ideas board there could be another split where you could see ideas that could be developed by external development partners vs ideas that have to be implemented by Duda. I would then expect all the 'ideas' that Duda have in progress to be ones that only they could implement (even if there's ones with more votes on the other section). This also means that development partners could also easily see a list of ideas that they could develop if they so choose raised by the community.

  • Shane_Hodge
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    @Alastair_Manning I hate to say this as I am by nature an optimist BUT after 9 years? to quote a line from a famous Bob Seger Song, "Still The same" I think the issue is duda seems to "covet" rather than open up, partner development wise, I can understand if its something super critical to the core part of the CMS, but some of the features and functions mentioned by the community on the ideas board? Why not work with others, I just dont get it. Sadly like a lot of posts listed here there is not a peep from the relative duda department. Even Marketing asks a question you give a reply and there is silence. Sheyla is great but she is a bit of a lone wolf and that needs to change.

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