E-Comm and Shipping


I am new to the E-comm world and just released my companies limited store. I have plugged weight into each product and have entered box size for the items. I did a trial run and see how the sale process works BUT I have a few questions that don't seem to be clear.

  1. Is the box size that I noted a per unit? In other words, if someone buys more than one unit does the FedEx/UPS calculate the shipping costs based on X units of HxWxD box size or does it add all X units into one box?
  2. I noticed another post about printing labels. I am using my companies UPS and FedEx accounts, how do I get those shipping labels? Are they sent to me or posted in my shipping accounts for printing?
  3. I'm not seeing how I refund money/sales back to a buyer. Is this handled by the payment processor (we are using Stripe)?

Thank you in advance for the help.



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Hey @scooter123,

    #1 - It all depends on how you have shipping set up. There are options for ORDER SHIPPING, and ITEM SHIPPING as well as flat rate.. HERE is a article to help explain things.

    #2 - There is an app for shipping labels within your dashboard. I am not sure if they have UPS and FedEx on there, but you can look at your ecommerce dashboard and select APPS to see the printing label app within ECWID.

    #3 - Right now, all refunds must be handled through your Stripe Dashboard (I believe)