New Multi-lingual features to the Ecwid Store??

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Can someone from Duda clarify this?

What is "new" here?

We have been able to do multi-lingual Stores (products, categories, etc..) for a couple of years now. But is there anything new and/or improved?

For example, the article cites:

"...not just product and store pages, but also pages like shipping methods..."

Previously, we were NOT able to translate "shipping methods". Has this now been added?

A complete list of features added with this release would be very helpful.


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  • Nadya_Chelnokov
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    Hi Bruce,

    Improved store functionality which was released in July 2021, but it's limitation was Multilingual feature, which was available in the previous version of the store.

    See more about the improved functionality here:

    Hence this year we added Standard Multilingual capability to the improved version of the store.

    Feature set of the Multilingual store in improved store version includes:

    1. Translation of the store pages
    2. Translation of product catalog
    3. Ability enter translation for any Shipping method.

    Let me know if you have more questions.


  • Bruce_McCaughan
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    Thanks, but.. now I am really just more confused.

    Of the 3 points you cite, I am pretty sure 1 and 2 have been these since 2020 when we launched this bilingual Store:

    But, #3 is definitely new. Because I have complained previously about it not being available for translation.

    I am grateful that you added that.

    Thanks for clarifying.