The images in my header switch between high and low resolution when you refresh the website?


Why do the images in my header change quality constantly, when refreshing the site? I have tried this on multiple PC's and I get the same results. This only happens on the the live site, and not inside the editor. It seems completely random if you get a prober logo, or a blurry 2008 jpeg looking logo.

Looks very unprofessionel when a person loads the site. I know the images are not too small, as the images are scaled down 5 times from their original size.


  • Ryan_Burke
    Ryan_Burke Member Posts: 39 Duda Staff


    It might be the file type. Another culprit could be the size of the image when it was first uploaded (if it was too large it could cause issues).

    For the first issue, we would recommend using svgs for text and logo images. For the second, try uploading a smaller image.

    Hope that helps!