Issue with Paperform popup


Not sure this is the best place to post this, but I am have troubles with paperform popup button in header shifting up. In my editor it looks correct, but when I publish it the image above the button is overlapping.

In editor:

On site:

Is this a known bug?


  • Brenna_Duda
    Brenna_Duda Member Posts: 29 mod

    Hey @the_duda_app_guy , is this something you are able to answer?

  • the_duda_app_guy
    the_duda_app_guy Member Posts: 23 mod

    Absolutely! Happy to help @LoumonthJack. I can jump in and check the details if you want to share your URL, but what comes to mind is that the margins are off on the button or on the below image asset.

    I just spun up a test Paperform instance and dropped a button in to see if I could verify if there was a bug but I couldn't reproduce it. Let's check out your site to dive deeper!