E-com tracking in GA4 and Google Ads


Anyone have any experience with tracking e-com sales as events/conversions in GA4 and uploading to Google Ads?

What is the "best practice" method to track sales in GA4? Does anyone use the standard GTM/GA4 "thank-you" page? Or a standard "purchase" conversion in GA4? Does anyone use the Duda API callout "store_order"?

In a nutshell I'd like to import GA4 conversions into my clients Google Ads account without using the standard thank-you GTM pageview trigger.

So far the support at Duda hasn't been very helpful, they just refer me to very basic introductory "how to" articles.


  • Nathalie
    Nathalie Member Posts: 2

    Hi Nathaniel

    We have tried a lot of things concerning this topic. The only way to get the e-commerce numbers in GA4 is to implement it via the Duda settings, so to use the normal Google Tag ID. We tried other ways via custome code and tag manager but it doesn't work out since the shop is loaded into the site and the site itself doesn't change. So you won't get any numbers.