Contact Form Conversion Code

I have a question about this box and about how it applied to the form.

Do I have to past the entire code, include the <script> tags in order to include a GA send call?

Can you point me to a tutorial to help me write this send call? I only want to send an event when the form is submitted successfully.


  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Member Posts: 2

    Hi there,

    Yes, the entire code, including the <script> tags would need to be added in that box.

    While we don't have specific tutorials, we do have some resources. Here they are:

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!

  • EdWalzak
    EdWalzak Member Posts: 4

    Thanks Rebecca, I love Jairo's video, and used it to install GTM on my duda site when I first implemented it. However, the event tags in GTM don't differentiate between successful and unsuccessful form submittions. I've only been able to track submission attempts, and get a hit for both successful and unsuccessful submissions.

    I expect that's a problem what the field in the form settings is there to address.

    What would be helpful is to see a sample tag that others have put into this field in the forms settings in order to see the syntax.


    _trackEvent(Form, Submission, Successful Response)


    Does anyone who has done this know if this is even close?

  • EdWalzak
    EdWalzak Member Posts: 4

    Or would it look like


    ga(‘send’, ‘event’, Forms, Form Submit, Contact Form');