How do I create a package list auto through the invoice?


Is it possible to create an automatic package list through the invoice?

I want the package list to be on a separate page from the invoice (no prices, only the product's name and product characteristics).


  • Brenna_Duda
    Brenna_Duda Member Posts: 29 mod

    Hi, you can customize your invoice using the instructions in this article:

    Or, you can use an app called "Printout Designer" if you want more customization options. To learn more about the app:

    1. Click eCommerce in the side panel, then click Manage store.
    2. In the side panel, click App store.
    3. Search for Printout Designer. If you click on it you can learn more about what it offers and decide if it is a good fit for you.

    I hope that helps!