App Store Upcoming Releases


Hey there everyone! 👋 I wanted to take a moment and share a preview of our App Store roadmap for what to see in the coming months for new apps.

Our goal as the App Store team is to continuously ensure that Duda provides each and every one of you with the tools and products you need to be most effective.

Each of these apps provides an added value to you by solving specific business problems, such as needing a robust booking solution, or by allowing you to sell more by offering additional SEO audit and optimization services to your customers as an add-on.

While we are always growing and enhancing the core Duda features and functionality, oftentimes we rely on best-in-class apps to integrate into the Duda platform to bring you additional value.

I hope that you find this roadmap helpful in terms of how you are positioning your business and the needs that each of your clients has. I cannot promise exact dates at this time but rest assured our team is working tirelessly to continue to make these apps available in the near future.

Feel free to comment with any questions that you might have and I'll do my best to answer them!

- The Duda App Store team